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Maintain a healthy balance in your lake or pond and make it the ideal place for your fishing pleasure with the region's best pond stocking from the professionals at Lochow Ranch.

Proudly serving properties of all sorts in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, our team of pond stocking technicians, biologists and other professionals can help you maintain a healthy pond with the right predator-to-prey ratio for strong growth rates in your game and forage fish.

Your Lochow Ranch consultant will recommend proper pond stocking ratios and species according to your pond’s goals.

If you’re stocking a new pond, we provide an initial stocking proposal based on the size of your pond and the types of fish that you want. If you are stocking an existing lake, a fish population analysis can be performed through electrofishing or gill netting to determine which species need to be stocked to bring your lake to its true trophy-growing potential. No matter what your situation, we’ll help you do pond stocking right, to meet your own goals and to maintain the fragile ecosystem on your property.

Wide Variety of Fish for the Best Pond Stocking

We carry bass, trout, sunfish, catfish and forage fish. Many other species are also available, so please call for specific requests. At Lochow Ranch, we provide a wide variety of fish in a large range of sizes, so we’re certain to be able to meet your needs. All fish are guaranteed disease-free and we offer complete satisfaction.

Our fish are always transported with liquid oxygen in custom fish-hauling trailers to ensure their health while en route. It’s the right thing to do to provide you the best possible results.

Are you ready to benefit from the more than 50 years combined experience of Lochow Ranch in Bryan, Texas, and Tyler, Texas? Contact us now, and let us take over as your pond stocking specialists. It’s an intelligent decision that will improve your body of water for years to come.

Grass Carp
Golden Shiner
Hybrid Striped Bass
Threadfin Shad
Smallmouth Bass
Rainbow Trout
Largemouth Bass
Florida Strain
Redear Sunfish
Largemouth Bass
Native Strain
Bullfrog Tadpoles
Coppernose Bluegill
Fathead Minnow
Channel Catfish

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Let the certified professionals at Lochow Ranch provide you with a detailed on-site assessment of your pond’s condition.


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