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At Lochow Ranch, we’re proud of our ponds.

By delivering comprehensive pond and lake management services to all of Texas, our team of professionals ensures the quality of our work and takes care in every step to ensure your pond’s health.

Whether you’re building a crystal blue lake, stocking a trophy bass fishery, or creating a fly fishing paradise, we work with you to understand your individual needs and build the best solution for you.

We want you to be proud of your pond and that’s why we take pride in our work.

Service You Can Count On

Reliable and professional, we stand by our work. We deliver on our promises, ensuring that your lake is built and serviced correctly right from the start.

Experienced and Professionally Trained Staff

Lochow Ranch employs only the most highly qualified industry experts who receive on-going training and are Texas A&M University Wildlife and Fisheries Science graduates. Let our team of professionals help you with your pond needs.

Cutting-Edge Equipment and Technology

We use only the best equipment for heavy earth moving, innovative fish hauling, or state of the art diagnostic electrofishing.

The Proven ‘Lochow Ranch‘ Lake Process
Our time-tested Lochow Ranch Lake Development Process ensures a positive experience for you and your lake.
State-of-the-Art Fish Raising and Holding Facility

Our hatchery facility uses the latest in filters and UV sterilizers. This unsurpassed water purification process produces high quality fish with little or no stocking mortality.

Exceptional Breeder

Lochow Ranch game fish for pond stocking have been hand-selected to produce the best trophy potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a long-term solution to my weed problem?

There are more long-term solutions to vegetation issues in the form of full lake chemical treatments; these types of treatments are effective on submerged, but not emergent, vegetation or algae. Unfortunately, like cutting grass treating aquatic vegetation must be done periodically throughout the growing season. Click here to learn more about pond vegetation control and management.

How does fertilizing help my fish grow?

Fertilizing helps increase the primary productivity and thus the productivity of the entire fishery. Click here to learn more about pond fertilizer.

Why are there dead fish?

Fish kills are caused by both biotic and abiotic factors. Low dissolved oxygen levels due to turnovers are among the most common causes of unexpected fish kills. Click here to learn more about our pond management services.

Does the shocking harm the fish?

Using proper electrofishing techniques does not cause substantial harm to most fish species, it only temporarily immobilizes them. Click here to learn more about our electrofishing services.

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