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Two decades of satisfied customers - Lochow ranch

Full-Service private pond management

For more than two decades, Lochow Ranch has been the trusted partner for comprehensive private lake and pond management services throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Work with us to turn your property’s body of water into a recreational paradise to be enjoyed for decades to come.

Pond & Lake Design & Construction

Our pond design and pond construction services will create a new lake, or improve an existing one, and will exceed your expectations. 

Fishery management & Pond Stocking

Our pond stocking and fishery management services will create a sport fishery or trophy bass hotspot that delights you, your friends and your family.

recreational features

We design and install floating docks, fountains and other features that will create a boating, swimming and relaxation haven.

Turnkey lake & Pond management

Stop worrying about your lake and start enjoying it with our turnkey lake and pond management services for pond water testing, pond liming and fertilizing, control of pond weeds, predator control, seasonal maintenance and other tasks. 

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Leaders in the Industry

All of our experienced, reliable pond management professionals are proud to stand by our work. We ensure your lake is built and serviced to meet your goals right from the start.

Lochow Ranch employs only the most highly qualified industry experts who receive on-going training in pond and lake management. Our Texas A&M University Wildlife and Fisheries Science graduates bring you state-of-the-art techniques and the most advanced knowledge in the industry.

We use only the best equipment and processes for heavy earth moving, innovative fish hauling, and state-of-the-art electrofishing surveys.

We make a pond or lake plan as unique as your property. There is no “One Size Fits All.” Our time-tested Lochow Ranch lake development process and our lake management services are built around your unique circumstances and objectives.

Our hatchery facility uses the latest in filters and UV sterilizers. This unsurpassed water purification process produces high quality fish with little or no stocking mortality.

Lochow Ranch game fish for pond stocking have been hand-selected to produce the best trophy potential.

  • Lake Design & Renovation

    Let Lochow Ranch handle the stress of obtaining permits, designing, building or renovating your lake or pond. We take care of everything while you can simply enjoy the results.
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  • Pond Stocking

    We provide a wide variety of fish in a large range of sizes to meet your needs. All fish are guaranteed disease-free and we offer complete satisfaction.
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Frequently asked questions

Your pond's health is the goal of our comprehensive pond and lake management services. Here are some of the questions private pond owners ask us.

The key to controlling pond weeds is to manage them throughout the growing season. Long-term solutions, such as chemical treatments, are available. Which of these will work best for you depends on the types of vegetation or algae, whether the growth of pond weeds is submerged or emergent or on the shoreline, and other factors.  Click here to learn more about pond vegetation control and management.

Fertilizing feeds the organisms at the very bottom of your lake’s food chain – the phytoplankton. These very tiny plants are eaten by the smallest animals in your lake, which in turn are eaten by larger ones all the way up to your trophy bass. The result of pond fertilizing? Your entire fishery is thriving and healthy. Pond liming is another aspect of keeping your pond water and environment in balance. Click here to learn more about pond liming and pond fertilizing.

Fish kills can be upsetting and need some detective work to diagnose. An unexpected fish kill most often results from low dissolved oxygen levels in the water. This can happen during hot summer months as water gets heated and forms layers that don’t mix. Fish kills can also result from too much phytoplankton or excessive growth of pond weeds. The good news is there are ways to avoid these problems with proper monitoring and management.  Click here to learn more about our pond management services.

No. When performed by professionals with the right equipment and right techniques, the shocking from an electrofishing survey merely immobilizes the fish. In fact, electrofishing is the method of inventorying a lake that is preferred by biologists because it does not harm the fish and yields the most accurate picture of the population. Click here to learn more about our electrofishing services.

Locally Owned & Operated

We live here and love the lakes here. We will care for your pond like it was our own.

BLOG: Lake & Fishery management

Why professional pond management?

Some landowners start out taking a “Do It Yourself” approach to managing their lake or pond. Then a fish kill happens, pond weeds get out of control, a blue-green algae bloom forms, or predators take out a growing bass population. By then the problems can take years to correct and cost many times the investment in basic pond management best practices.

Our lake and pond management services are never “One Size Fits All.” We build a custom plan with you that is unique to your pond, your land and your goals. And we love to work with landowners who take an active approach to managing pond health. Your plan will complement your own efforts with as much or as little professional assistance as you need, from periodic pond liming and fertilizing and control of pond weeds all the way to full, turnkey lake management services.

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