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Lake & Pond Renovation: dam leaks, erosion, dam repair, liners, dredging

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New life for your lake through pond renovation

Leaking dams, eroding shorelines, rising sediment, unproductive fisheries and unstable water levels are signs of a lake that needs a refresh.

With more than two decades of experience in lake and pond renovation and maintenance, we know the signs and the right techniques to breathe new life into your body of water.

Find out why our lake renovation services are the choice of landowners throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Dam inspection & repair

If your pond or lake has a dam, it is essential to regularly inspect it for leaks and erosion. 

Wet spots and seemingly minor leaks can be unaddressed problems leading to instability and huge, expensive problems down the road.

Our experts know what to look for and the precise actions to take to ensure your lake’s dam will remain in service for many years to come.

Erosion and sediment buildup

Eroding shorelines and accumulating sediment can ruin a beautiful, pristine body of water and undercut enjoyment of a fishery.

Sediment dredging and shoreline restoration can restore your lake’s beauty and recreational possibilities.

We can create a limestone buffer system for your lake that helps keep excess dirt from entering, controls erosion along your shoreline and gives you a clean edge.

drainage and water levels


Rising, falling or unstable water levels can indicate leaks, problems with drainage or changes to upstream water sources.

Our pond management experts will assess your property and eco-system to diagnose water level problems and identify causes and solutions.

In some cases, installation of a liner may help stabilize water levels and restore your pond’s balance.

Turnkey Lake & Pond Management

Stop worrying about your lake and start enjoying it with our turnkey lake management including regular inspections and maintenance to keep your lake in top form. From pond water testing, to evaluation of pond weeds, to shoreline assessments and leakage investigation, our team can do it all.

Pond stocking for lakes and ponds in Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana

Industry-leading fishery management

When the fishing industry experts at Bassmaster set out to renovate a lake in Alabama for its video series on creating a great bass fishery, they turned to Lochow Ranch for our pond and fishery management expertise.

Click here to learn more about our fishery management services for creating and managing the trophy fishery of your dreams.

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