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Pond Maintenance Services

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Our fishery management experts and pond management professionals share insights into pond maintenance services and making the most of your body of water.

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Videos on Our Pond Maintenance Services

Check out our videos of pond management in action, including pond construction, pond excavation, electrofishing, and much more, including the videos of our Lake Y project with Bassmaster.

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Fish Stocking Guide

Knowing when to conduct pond stocking and what to stock is key to building and maintaining a thriving fishery. Check out our pond stocking calendar.

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Beginner’s Guide

Considering creating your dream pond? Check out our introductory summary that shows how you can go from “Start to Fish” in three years. Get the bird’s eye view of pond design, pond construction, pond stocking, fishery management and other important steps.

Pond construction service

Building or renovating a pond

Private pond and lake owners turn to Lochow Ranch for complete pond design, pond construction, and lake excavation services.

Why our Pond Maintenance Services?

Private pond maintenance services encompass a spectrum of technical interventions aimed at preserving the ecological balance and aesthetic value of artificial and natural water bodies within private domains. These specialized services are underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of limnology—the study of inland waters—as well as advanced techniques in aquatic ecosystem management. A professional pond maintenance service provider brings to the fore an array of capabilities including, but not limited to, sediment removal through dredging, aquatic vegetation control, water quality testing and amendment, and fish population management.

The pivotal role of a professional in this context cannot be overstated. By deploying a suite of diagnostic tools and remediation techniques, they adeptly assess the health of the pond, identifying imbalances in nutrient levels, the presence of invasive species, and signs of erosion or sediment accumulation. Subsequently, tailored strategies—ranging from biological treatments and aeration to structural repairs and habitat enhancement—are implemented to restore and maintain the pond’s ecological equilibrium. Moreover, ongoing management plans crafted by these professionals ensure that ponds remain vibrant ecosystems and serene retreats, mitigating the potential for future issues. This proactive and knowledgeable approach not only extends the lifespan of the pond but also enhances its value as a recreational and aesthetic asset.

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