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Pond Construction

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pond construction experts

Pond construction is more than just pushing dirt around. You need a plan based on your goals and unique circumstances.

Our pond construction professionals bring state-of-the-art techniques and every type of earth-moving equipment to tailor-making your body of water on your property. 

Find out why our pond construction service is the choice of landowners across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.


designed for your goals

The right approach to pond construction starts before you ever move a shovelful of dirt. Every property is different. Every landowner’s goals are different. 

We start every pond construction project by understanding both. We’ll plan a pond to meet your goals and to make the most of your property’s natural features.

In addition to aesthetics, we consider the best location for a pond on your property for easy access, flood and erosion control and maximum water storage. We can determine if an embankment pond or an excavation pond is right for you. We take water supply, flood spillway protection and other important concerns into consideration.

proven pond construction techniques

We’ve completed thousands of successful lake and pond construction and pond renovation and enhancement projects.

We’ll bring that experience to creating a pond or lake that is perfectly suited to your goals and property.

New lake construction usually begins with a clay trench below the dam to make sure it provides adequate support during inevitable periods of heavy rains.

We have the right earth-moving equipment for every kind of pond construction project, or we can take a supervisory role in managing a local earth-moving company.

recreational features

We design and install floating docks, fountains and other features that can turn your pond or lake into a boating, swimming or relaxation haven.

Get started on your private pond paradise

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Pond construction Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas 100 scaled

Pond Excavation contracting

Architects, landscape designers, ranch and farm development professionals and other experts choose the experienced pond builders at Lochow Ranch.

Our team brings decades of experience and best practices to design, construction and renovation of every private pond or lake we work on. We are proud to have contributed to some of the most impressive rural retreats, farms and ranches throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Click here to learn more about working with Lochow Ranch as your pond excavation contractor on property development projects.

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