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Aggie Park

Aggie Park is here for all visitors to enjoy. Please review the information below for fish handling recommendations that will help keep our fish healthy and growing.

General fish care suggestions:

  • Wet your hands before touching or handling fish. This preserves the slime layer on the fish, and slime layer = stronger fish immune systems.
  • Limit the fish’s time spent out of the water. Keep the gills and body wet if prolonged handling is necessary.
  • Use a landing net with a large frame and shallow net (rubber or soft knotless mesh is preferred). 
  • If landing a larger fish and no net is available, kneel down and unhook in the water. 
  • Provide proper support to the fish if handling the fish out of water. Avoid squeezing.
  • Use needle nose pliers or hemostats if the hook is deep or difficult to remove. If necessary, cut the line and leave the hook behind. At a certain point deep hook sets are more detrimental to remove, than to leave behind.
  • Use barbless or flatten barbs on hooks to reduce the effort necessary to remove the hooks.
  • Limit treble hook use. Consider using pliers to clip off one/both of the extra hooks in order to reduce harsh effort in removing the hook.


Welcome to the lake at Aggie Park! Below these tranquil waters lies a thriving ecosystem, with the Largemouth Bass at the top of the food chain.

The lake was stocked with 500 Largemouth Bass, that are feed-trained, but will eat just about anything they can catch. Bass feed on smaller fish, frogs, crawfish, small water birds, and even baby alligators!

That huge appetite, coupled with the ability to grow quickly and with strong genetics, make the Largemouth Bass a great choice for sport fishing and fishery development. Like managed livestock and wildlife, supplementing the bass’ natural diet, with pelleted feed, Lochow Ranch Xtreme Growth Blend only serves to improve the health and heartiness of the lake. Be a friend to this fishery by feeding the bass, fishing often, and practicing catch and release at Aggie Park. 

If you want to know more about the fish at Aggie Park, or the fish in your favorite lake or pond, go to www.lochowranch.com, or ask one of our fisheries biologist.

Come early, stay late, fish often, and yell like hell for the Aggies! 

Robert Earl Keenplayed his final concert in Aggieland at Aggie Park. Learn more about the project below.

Hungry for more knowledge? Ask one of our fisheries biologist:

Aggie Park

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