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Pond and Lake Management Services

Comprehensive Pond and Lake Maintenance

Pond and lake management is best not left to chance. A properly maintained pond or lake will grace your ranch or farm with natural beauty and endless recreation options.

But there are many considerations for making your pond or lake the best it can be. 

… and much more. Trust the certified professionals at Lochow Ranch to keep your lake or pond in top shape. We will understand your goals and create a custom pond and lake management service plan to fits your unique needs and property. We service lakes and ponds in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. 

Our affordable, turnkey pond and lake management service plans address every aspect of lake or pond management so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful body of water.

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Vegetation & weed control

Plant life will enhance the looks and health of your pond or lake. But the right plants and the right amounts are important to plan and maintain. Invasive weeds or overgrown plants and algae can wreak havoc on a lake, creating an eyesore, putting your ecosystem out of balance and even causing fish kills. Let our professionals determine your ideal plant environment and work with you to control overgrowth and eliminate invasive pond weeds.  

Liming & Fertilizing

Fish thrive in a pond with the right pH and the right amount of nutrients. If your goal is a productive fishery, our pond liming process keeps your body of water at the optimal alkalinity to grow a healthy fish population. Our fertilizing process can ensure there is a phytoplankton bloom, reinforcing the bottom of your pond food-chain to grow the big fish you will love to catch.

Water Quality

Water is the heart of a healthy and beautiful pond. Our water quality testing will measure every relevant aspect of your pond’s water and identify areas for improvement. Properly balanced and maintained water will enable your pond to reach its greatest potential and meet your unique goals. 

Fish Surveys & Electrofishing

Knowing what lurks in your lake is the only way to improve the fish population. If your goal is a productive fishery, then sampling and logging fish species and sizes is key to understanding the population and developing strategies to improve it. Our electrofishing surveys use state-of-the-art techniques preferred by biologists for measuring lake populations. 

Get started on your private pond paradise

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Why pick Lochow Ranch for your pond management service?

For more than two decades, we have learned a thing or two about how to bring the perfect balance to a pond.

If you are a new pond owner, we will help you fix the mistakes of prior owners. If you are longtime pond owner and have decided your body of water can be better with a little help, we can make it happen. If you are starting a pond from scratch, we will help you start right, with the best foundation for a healthy pond that can be maintained into the future.

Our biologists and pond and lake management experts have worked on thousands of private ponds and lakes across the region, but we always provide each client with personal attention to meet their unique pond maintenance goals.

Every pond management service plan starts with an on-site, in-depth assessment of your property, conditions, lake characteristics and a thorough review of your goals.

We have seen it all: out-of-control weeds, predators, erosion, sediment build-up, runoff causing water quality problems, invasive fish species, water oxygenation problems and much more. Our library of successful past projects and effective pond maintenance techniques mean we will provide you with proven, expert guidance and the effective plan you need.

Whether your dream is a trophy fishery, a beautiful pond for enhancing the view or a boating and swimming paradise, our pond management plans will turn your dream into reality.

A healthy lake makes for happy landowners and that’s our goal.

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Industry-leading fishery management

When the fishing industry experts at Bassmaster set out to renovate a lake in Alabama for its video series on creating a great bass fishery, they turned to Lochow Ranch for our pond and fishery management expertise.

Click here to learn more about our fishery management services for creating and managing the trophy fishery of your dreams.

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