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Our Process

Our unique Lochow Ranch Lake Development process provides you with the assurance that your lake will be the healthiest it can be.

  1. Detailed Assessment of your Pond and Lake Needs – Whether you are looking for a trophy bass fishery, or building a leisure lake for your grandkids, we perform a thorough investigation of your requirements and an on-site assessment of your property.
  2. Pond and Lake Design – Let our team of professionals design the lake that is right for you. We perform surveys of your watershed and annual rainfall level to determine the optimum size for your lake, while our unique construction techniques help keep long-term vegetation management costs low.
  3. Pond and Lake Construction – We bring only top quality pond builders to your project. Our pond and lake construction methods include a limestone buffer program, bottom drains or siphons, and supplemental structures. Also, our slope ratios and lake bottom contouring help control long-term weed costs.
  4. Aeration – Our high-end aeration equipment helps you grow more fish, reduces vegetation and pond scum, and provides insurance against fish kills.
  5. Pond or Lake Stocking – Whether you need fish to feed your trophy bass or whether you are just starting a new pond and need fish for pond stocking, let our individualized custom stocking plan and liquid oxygen transportation system provide you with the fish you need, stress- and disease-free at a competitive price. Interested in a particular type of fish for stocking your pond? Want to learn about Texas rainbow trout stocking or other varieties including basssunfishcatfish and forage fishClick here to learn more about fish for stocking.

  6. Lake Maintenance, Fishery Management – At Lochow Ranch, we provide long-term, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our trained professionals offer a variety of management practices including the chemical and biological control of pond weeds, top quality electrofishing population surveys, fish feeders, fish harvesting, and the establishment of catch limits and slot limits for your lake.
  7. Fish Brokering – We are a trustworthy source for all your fish brokering needs.
  8. Pest Control – Unwanted pests can harm your pond by weakening the integrity of your dam, killing your trees, or eating or infecting your fish. Let us deal with your pest control problems in a timely and proficient manner.
  9. Aesthetics – Imagine crystal clear waters or a fountain at sunset. We provide comprehensive lake-scaping services for the individual lake owner or homeowners associations including pond fountains, tree installation and water coloring. We also offer an array of aquatic plants including water iris and water lilies.
  10. Pond and Lake Management – Lochow Ranch offers special packages that work to keep your costs down. Whether it’s advice for the do-it-yourselfer, water testing, fish and wildlife management, control and maintenance of algae, or eliminating pond weeds, we have the right package to suit your needs. Keep track of your pond’s health with our unique monthly reports and long-term management contracts.

We have multiple locations in order to provide excellent service for private pond and lake owners across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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