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Channel Catfish

Channel Catfish for Pond Stocking

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Availability: all year

Channel catfish can be blue-gray, gray or even white, and often have irregular black spots on portions of their body. Channel catfish can be distinguished from other catfish by the deeply forked tail and by the bottom jaw that protrudes past the front jaw.

Channel catfish are a great addition to many ponds in Texas. They are especially favored in small, murky ponds that cannot be productive with other types of fish. In most cases, catfish are stocked as a ‘put and take fishery’ to keep their numbers in check. Catfish readily accept feed and can grow at an astonishing rate.

Spawning Characteristics:
Channel catfish spawn in late spring once the water temperature reaches 75 °F. They only spawn in enclosed areas such as undercut banks, under logs and in old buckets.

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