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Pond Weeds: Control & Removal

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keeping pond weeds in check

Vegetation is an essential part of a healthy lake. But when pond weeds get out of control, your entire lake ecosystem can suffer.

Some pond owners like a certain amount of vegetation, such as lilypads and other water plants that provide fish cover, but when plants get too plentiful, they can become an eyesore and a nuisance.

There are many options for controlling pond weeds and invasive plants. Our biologists and lake management experts can determine the best options for your particular pond or lake and surroundings. Our team is trusted for control and removal of pond weeds by pond and lake owners across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Pond vegetation assessment

Plant life enhances the beauty and health of your pond or lake. But the right plants and the right amounts are important.

Ponds and lakes are small ecosystems that are cut off from many of the elements that maintain balance in natural waters.

That means in some conditions, certain weeds or invasive plants can grow out of control. 

Out-of-control pond weeds can have a major impact on your body of water. Too much pond vegetation can affect water quality and cut fish production and growth.

Out-of-control lake plant growth makes it hard to fish or swim. In extreme cases, plant problems can lead to a fish kill.

Whether you want a lake completely free of weeds, or perhaps a 25 percent vegetation coverage to promote fish growth, our comprehensive vegetation control programs offer affordable and effective solutions to control pond vegetation.

removal and treatment of pond weeds

Our experienced team will provide you with a custom vegetation control and weed removal plan based on your unique situation and goals for your pond or lake.

There are typically many options to choose from, including mechanical weed removal, aquatic herbicide and algaecide or natural, chemical-free approaches. The action plan will address on-shore plants and floating, submerged or emergent pond weeds.

All of our employees are trained, tested and licensed professionals who are skilled and experienced at handling the chemicals and products that we use for controlling and eradicating pond weeds. The herbicides and algaecides we use are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

For a chemical-free approach, we’re licensed to sell exotics, such as triploid grass carp and tilapia, which are among the most popular biological alternatives.

While there are many options to simply kill pond weeds or physically remove them, it is important to consider longer-term control options to prevent excessive growth. Our team of pond maintenance and fishery management professional can develop the strategy and plan that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pond Weeds

Grass Carp and or Tilapia can help control aquatic vegetation depending on what type of vegetation is present. Our team can evaluate your unique conditions to determine if this approach is suitable.

Hydrilla is easily identified by the leaf whorl pattern (usually five leaves per whorl) and the toothed edges on the margins of the leaves.

We often work with landowners on full lake chemical treatments for long-term control of pond weeds. Whatever approach you take, treatment and control of pond weeds is best performed periodically throughout the growing season for the best results.

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Pond algae control

Pond and lake algae can require special steps and techniques to control and eliminate.

Click here to find out about our pond algae control services.

Pond stocking with trout bass and many other fish Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana 111
Pond stocking with trout bass and many other fish Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana 111

Comprehensive lake management

Our affordable, turnkey pond management service plans address every aspect of lake or pond management so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful body of water.

Let our experienced team of pond management professionals take care of it all.

We service private ponds and lakes across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma

Industry-leading fishery management

When the fishing industry experts at Bassmaster set out to renovate a lake in Alabama for its video series on creating a great bass fishery, they turned to Lochow Ranch for our pond and fishery management expertise.

Click here to learn more about our fishery management services for creating and managing the trophy fishery of your dreams.

Pond stocking for lakes and ponds in Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana
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