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Pond Water Testing

Pond water testing for trophy ponds

Water quality testing for private lakes and ponds

Pond water testing is among the most important aspects of lake management.

Low quality and out-of-balance water has a major impact on your pond or lake. It can decrease production of a fishery, affect the look of your pond and impact recreational options.

Our biologists and lake maintenance experts provide comprehensive pond water testing for landowners throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.


periodic Pond water testing

Periodic water testing is essential to maintain a healthy pond or lake. Just because the water might look OK does not mean it is. 

Water quality changes may happen slowly over time, or abruptly, when something in the environment changes. Upstream water sources feeding your pond or lake will have a major impact. Runoff from cattle fields or fertilized crop fields can throw your lake’s water quality out of balance.

Water testing is especially important for a fishery since the entire fish and forage ecosystem can be damaged by low quality water.

Testing can pinpoint causes of excessive pond weeds or algae and bacteria.

Our biologists and pond management professionals are experts in assessing water quality, investigating problems and determining how to improve water quality.

COmprehensive pond water testing

Our pond water testing covers the gamut of water quality measures and characteristics, including:

  • Dissolved oxygen testing to determine the amount of oxygen available for your pond’s fish and other residents
  • Ammonia testing to measure the unionized ammonia, a chemical extremely toxic to fish
  • pH testing to measure the acidity or alkalinity 
  • Hardness testing to assess the concentration of calcium and magnesium carbonate
  • Alkalinity testing to measure the capacity of your water to neutralize acids
  • Phosphorus testing to determine nutrient levels 
  • Temperature testing to accurately determine water temperature, essential to pond health
  • Visibility testing to see the amount of suspended particles in the water
  • Specialized tests to address specific types of contamination or other conditions

water quality corrective actions

If our pond water testing uncovers water quality issues, our experts will investigate causes and develop a plan to address the issues.

Corrective actions are tailored to your unique conditions, property and causes of quality concerns.

Aeration systems can be introduced to address poor water oxygen levels.

Liming can correct alkalinity problems and increase pH to promote healthy growth of the food chain. Fertilization can improve poor nutrient levels.

In more than 20 years of pond water testing and correction, we’ve seen every imaginable condition. We will put that experience to work for you to ensure your pond or lake water quality is the best it can be.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pond Water Testing

Our pond water testing service will give you a complete picture of your lake or pond’s suitability for fish stocking. If it isn’t, we will provide expert guidance on corrective actions.


Fish kills are caused by many factors that decrease the level of dissolved oxygen in water. This condition may result from water temperature issues, excessive plant growth and other problems. Our comprehensive water testing service will identify a low oxygen problem and give us important clues for investigating and addressing the cause. 

Short-term cloudiness is common and usually not a cause for alarm, but water clarity should be monitored if you notice this condition. If cloudiness persists it can be a sign of imbalance or a condition that needs to be addressed. Our pond water testing service will help to diagnose and treat causes of cloudy water. 

Pond stocking with trout bass and many other fish Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana 111
Pond stocking with trout bass and many other fish Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana 111

Comprehensive Lake Management

Our affordable, turnkey pond management service plans address every aspect of lake or pond management so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful body of water.

Let our experienced team of pond management professionals take care of it all.

  • Water quality testing and management
  • Fish surveys
  • Pond weeds, plants and algae control
  • Liming and fertilization

We service private ponds and lakes across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Pond stocking for lakes and ponds in Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana

Industry-leading fishery management

When the fishing industry experts at Bassmaster set out to renovate a lake in Alabama for its video series on creating a great bass fishery, they turned to Lochow Ranch for our pond and fishery management expertise.

Click here to learn more about our fishery management services for creating and managing the trophy fishery of your dreams.

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