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Pond Excavation Contractor Services

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Work with the excavation pros

Architects, landscape designers, ranch and farm development professionals and other experts choose Lochow Ranch as their preferred pond excavation contractor.

Our team brings decades of experience and best practices to turning visions into reality. We can implement your designs, or create new ones to complement your development project.

Our pond excavation contractor work has transformed rural retreats, farms and ranches throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

For more than 20 years, our pond construction and renovation services have been the choice of professional designers and architects for ranch, farm and residential projects.

  • Fisheries and recreational fishing ponds
  • Boating, swimming and relaxation 
  • Aesthetic bodies of water and sightline enhancement 

We can work with your pond design, consult on design elements or generate a new design from scratch that matches the rest of your project to achieve your vision. 

Our experienced pond excavation contractor professionals are experts in every aspect of pond and lake construction.

  • New lake siting and design
  • Dam construction
  • Liner installation
  • Watershed assessment and inflow control
  • Shoreline design
  • Drain installation and drainage controls
  • Renovation and improvement of existing bodies of water
  • Aeration system scoping and installation
  • Installation of floating docks, fountains and other features

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support your projects.

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Excavation of private lakes and ponds
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