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Aeration Systems

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Aeration SYSTEMS for a healthier pond

We offer aeration systems for private ponds and lakes throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Water quality is critical for your pond or lake and sufficiently oxygenated water makes for a healthier pond. 

Our aeration equipment helps you grow more fish, reduces pond weeds and pond scum, and provides insurance against fish kills. 

Aeration systems drastically increase the amount of oxygen in your lake or pond. Stuck water is easy to spot, green and brown algae will begin to build up along the surface of the water. An anaerobic pond smells foul and will inevitably lead to a kill off of all your fish and pond inhabitants. Consider some of the following aeration systems to prevent these nasty side affects. 

Keeton Aeration

Keeton Aeration

Solaer® solar aeration, the longest running solar system on the market. Competing solar systems only run when the sun is out, but with Solaer®, you have up to 20 hours of run time any given day. Treat more for less with ClearLake™ bacteria and enzyme products. Many bacteria and enzyme products require 20-50 pounds per one acre. ClearLake™ treatments only require a few pounds.
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Teich-Aire Compressors

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Surface Aerators

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Robust-Aire™ Diffused Aeration

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