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Coppernose Bluegill Sunfish

Coppernose Bluegill Sunfish for Pond Stocking

Game Fish / Forage Fish
Available in sizes from 1 to 8 inches
Availability: all year

The coppernose bluegill has a deep, rounded body in a variety of colors including brown, copper, orange and green with reddish orange to yellow on the belly. Colors are brighter on breeding males. Bluegills can be distinguished from other sunfish by the dark spot on the back of the dorsal fin and also by their very small mouth. Male coppernose bluegills have a broad copper band above the eye or forehead that is prominent during spawning season and can also have orange margins to their fins.

Young bluegills feed primarily on plankton and then switch to small minnows and insects as they age. Bluegills readily accept pelletized feed, which makes it very straightforward to grow large bluegill for angling and lots of small bluegill to feed your bass. The Coppernose will grow faster and larger than the native bluegill with or without supplemental feeding. These bluegill often exceed 2.5 pounds in Texas farm ponds that have a proper feeding regime.

Spawning Characteristics:
Bluegills begin spawning when the water temperature reaches 60°F. Females will deposit between 15,000 to 60,000 eggs per spawning attempt. These spawns will continue all summer and do not end until water temperature drops below 60°F in the fall months. The long spawning season of bluegill give them tremendous reproductive potential.

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