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Largemouth Bass Native Strain

Largemouth Bass Native Strain for Pond Stocking


Available in all sizes
Availability: All year

The largemouth bass is usually green in color with dark blotches down the sides of its body. The underside of the fish can range from white to a light green. The largemouth can easily be distinguished from other basses because its mouth extends past it eyes.

The largemouth bass is considered the most prized gamefish in North America. Its aggressive feeding habits and fine flesh makes it a favorite amongst landowners in Texas. With proper stocking and feeding procedures, this variety of bass can grow up to 3 pounds a year.

Spawning Characteristics:
In Texas, the largemouth bass begins spawning when the water temperature reaches 60 to 65°F. Because of the climate differences caused by the sheer size of Texas, this spawning can occur as early as February or as late as May, depending on the location.

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