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Tilapia for Pond Stocking

Forage Fish
Available in sizes up to 12 inches.
Availability: spring to fall

Tilapia resemble a bluegill in shape but come in a wide variety of color. They have much larger scales and their dorsal fin covers almost the full length of their body.

Tilapia are considered a good forage fish for bass because of their rapid reproduction rate. In Texas, it is usually necessary to restock Tilapia if winter water temperatures drop below 54 °F. Tilapia are an excellent tool in controlling filamentous algae. The cost to restock these fish in the spring can be less than the cost of chemical treatments that produce similar results.

Spawning Characteristics:
Tilapia require 68-70°F water to spawn and will spawn repeatedly at 4-5 week intervals in warm water. Their eggs are laid and fertilized in the nest and once hatched, the fry are held in the male’s mouth until they are a few days old. The freshly hatched tilapia will themselves spawn within just a few months.

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