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The Pond Construction Pros

Pond construction involves more than just moving dirt. Ponds can range from less than an acre in size to many acres – and they can serve a variety of purposes. But so many ponds on properties in our area are poorly constructed and can't adequately meet the needs of the property owners who paid to have them constructed. At Lochow Ranch, We have extensive experience and expertise in pond construction in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.


After the design process is complete, building your lake or pond usually begins with a clay trench below the dam to make sure it provides adequate support during inevitable periods of heavy rains. We have the right earth-moving equipment for every kind of project or we can take a supervisory role in managing a local earth-moving company.


Working with your needs in mind, we can add structures to your pond for fishing and other uses. These may include piers, stationary or floating docks, boat ramps and even beaches if you desire.


Construction Done Right

Because we have more than 50 years combined experience, we can help you make the right decisions concerning your pond design and construction. This includes the best location for a pond on your property for easy access, flood and erosion control and maximum water storage.


We can help you decide if an embankment pond or an excavation pond is right for you and then build a pond that meets your needs. We take water supply, flood spillway protection and other important concerns into consideration during the design and construction processes to ensure your satisfaction and the health and viability of your pond.


Unmatched Pond Construction Experience

Turn to us for building a lake, and benefit from the industry's most skilled and experienced people. No company has more experience in pond construction than Lochow Ranch, and we're ready to put our expertise to work improving your property.

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