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On the way to Trophy-Catching Glory: 

Eight lucky Texas electrofishing survey winners

By Lochow Ranch


Response to our electrofishing sweepstakes was through the roof!


In fact, we have decided to up the awards to EIGHT free surveys instead of the original five.


If you missed it, we announced back in February that we would give away five free electrofishing surveys to lucky Texas pond or lake owners.


Electrofishing is the state-of-the-art way to start maximizing the potential for your fishery.  It’s the safe and effective way that biologists measure fish populations.


We bring out our custom electrofishing boat and run a mild electrical current that briefly stuns the fish in your lake or pond. Our experts then examine each fish to log its species, size, health and other characteristics.


In the end you have a clear picture of what lurks beneath the waters of your lake. A survey allows our biologists to make scientific recommendations for improvements based on the current condition of your pond or lake.


Electrofishing surveys are the most important tool in making informed management decisions for your water body. Whether it be fish stocking, vegetation control, fish feeding, habitat enhancement, or anything else, a survey allows us to make a tailored management plan fit for your lake.


Well, the response was so good to our contest for free electrofishing surveys that we hated to disappoint too many people, so we increased the giveaway to eight surveys. 


The winners of the free surveys are:

  • Nick R. of Huntsville
  • Clayton C. of Brenham
  • Angela K. of Rockwall
  • Michael H. of Tira
  • Jim G. of Columbus
  • Stephen S. of Chandler
  • Kurt B.  of Wilcox
  • David C. of Cameron


We will be in touch with all of you to arrange your surveys.


If you did not win, do not despair. You can still take advantage of this great technology to create your dream fishing pond.



Just drop us a note with the form below to learn more about scheduling your electrofishing survey.


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