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Lake and pond renovation can make a significant difference in the health and function of the body of water – but only if it's done right. At Lochow Ranch, we have a team of experts with more than 50 years combined experience in meeting the needs of property owners and exceeding expectations. Why not choose to put your lake and pond renovation project in the hands of Lochow Ranch and put it in the hands of expert? We serve property owners like you in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.


Lake and pond renovation isn't a single prescribed process. There are many ways in which an existing lake or pond can be improved. In some cases, it's the inhabitants of the lake that are the problem. After years of neglect or perhaps too much or too little water, the ecosystem inside your lake or pond could be disrupted. You may want to eradicate all fish in the body of water and restart the ecosystem with a balanced stocking of high-quality fish. We can monitor to determine the best course of action.


In other cases, there may be problems with the design of the lake or issues that have developed over the years that need to be corrected. We can help. This may include repairing drainage systems, diagnosing and repairing damaged or leaking dams or removing sediment to restore depth, health and function to your pond. We can also create a limestone buffer system for your lake that helps keep excess dirt from entering, controls erosion along your shoreline and gives you a clean edge.


We handle every step of lake and pond renovation so you don't have to deal with anything. Let us use our expertise to deal with planning and design, obtaining permits and handling the complete renovation process from start to finish. For everything involved in lake and pond renovation, we're your experienced experts – and we'll make things right so your body of water can serve its intended purpose better than ever before.

Let the certified professionals at Lochow Ranch provide you with a detailed on-site assessment of your pond’s condition.


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