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Our experts at Lochow Ranch are experienced fishery management consultants who can save a failing pond, enhance a stable one, or help you determine the right actions to ensure the centerpiece of your landscape remains a favorite fishing hole for generations. We’ll come to your property in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana or Arkansas and help you make the right decisions.

Whether your lake requires fish stocking, fertilizing, a new fish feeder, harvesting or a complete renovation, we can provide competitive pricing and a level of service far beyond anything the competition can offer. We are that confident in our services and abilities.

Leading causes that impact the equilibrium in your lake include the over-harvesting or under harvesting of predator fish, introduction of undesirable species of aquatic life, summer kills, excessive weeds, poor water quality and a lack of fertilization. We can assess fishery populations using nets or shocking equipment and use state-of-the-art equipment to collect data and determine the precise program for getting your body of water back on track.


Using our unique combination of time-tested methods handed down through the generations, as well as modern methods proven by research and scientific study, we can take care of your fishery management needs in a way that fits your needs and your budget. No project is beyond our ability to help.


No matter whether you’re a new pond owner or just need a little help maintaining the aquatic life in the private lake your family has enjoyed for generations, our team has the right fishery management solution for you. Our certified professionals include biologists, technicians and other professionals with more than 50 years combined experience who can provide you with a detailed on-site assessment of your pond’s condition. We follow up our consultation by providing a detailed report of your lake’s condition and our management recommendations. Then, we’ll take action based on our recommendations and your desires.

Fish stocking is simply the practice of releasing fish into a body of water to supplement an existing population or create one where there hasn’t been one in the past. The practice is ancient, going back hundreds of years. It has been regularly practiced in the United States since the 1870s when the government first recognized its benefit. Today, a lot of thought must be put into introducing non-native species and species that aren’t well adapted to an area, and that’s why choosing a professional fish stocking company is so important to getting it done right.

Basic Principles of Fish Pond Management

Good fishing in your own private waterbody depends on an understanding of and the ability to follow some basic rules. To properly manage a fishery, you should be aware of some simple guidelines:

  • proper pond construction and watershed management
  • removal of unwanted and overpopulated species of fish
  • liming and/or fertilization
  • fish species selection and stocking
  • harvest and record keeping
  • evaluation of pond balance
  • weed control

Let the certified professionals at Lochow Ranch provide you with a detailed on-site assessment of your pond’s condition.


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