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To determine the necessary steps required to manage your pond or lake, the fish populations must be sampled to determine species, size, relative abundance and the growth rates of the fish.


Lochow Ranch uses a top-of-the-line electrofishing boat to accurately and effectively assess fish populations so you can take action to make your body of water all it can be.


Electrofishing is also an excellent tool for correcting an out-of-balance pond. Stunted fish or unwanted species can be easily and quickly removed as part of this service.

While it may sound unusual or even cruel, an electrofishing survey is a standard scientific survey method that causes no long-term negative effect to the fish population in your pond or lake. Performed correctly by our experts, the fish are stunned briefly; examined for species to determine abundance, population density and other characteristics; and then they return to their normal state in a matter of a few moments. Our custom electrofishing boat with its extra-large live well pumps and soft nets ensures that this process is as stress-free as possible for your fish. After being stunned, each fish is then weighed, measured and released unharmed.


An electrofishing survey acts as the reference point for a long-term pond management plan and provides clues for corrective stocking and harvest recommendations. While electrofishing surveys are used on established lakes to determine and diagnose problems, they’re also used as a routine management tool to identify issues before they become large and expensive problems.


Serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, our experts proudly put more than 50 years combined experience to work for you. Our team includes biologists, technicians and other professionals with experience in all aspects of pond and lake management. Our focus is on meeting your goals by putting your ecosystem back in order to serve your needs as best as possible.

When you contact Lochow Ranch in Bryan, Texas, and Tyler, Texas, we send experts to your property to perform an electrofishing survey. Then we make recommendations based on our findings and provide you with a comprehensive management report, complete with options for corrective action that are tailored to your unique goals as the pond owner.


We provide every pond owner who takes advantage of our services the necessary equipment and expert advice to make their dream lake a reality. Contact us now to find out what’s in your lake and determine what it will take to bring it in line with your dreams.

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Electrofishing surveys are one of the most effective lake management practices conducted today. With the proper equipment, we are able to take fish samples from your pond or lake. In this process, we will be able to determine, stocking densities, health & proportion of fish, forage densities and detect the fish’s health. Once the survey is completed, all fish are returned to your pond or lake. After the survey, you will receive an assessment and recommendations. This will give you the insight you need to make informed decisions. 

How it works?

Electricity is passed through the water, by two types of electrodes, the anode (positive) and the cathode (negative). When applying the correct current, fish will experience a muscle response reaction called taxis. This will cause a swimming motion toward the anode. Once the fish reaches the anode, swimming will stop. The fish will go into a state of narcosis (stunned). Narcosis will only last for a few seconds. At this point, the fish are netted and put into a holding tank for observation. After observation, the fish are released.

Does the shocking harm the fish?

Using proper electrofishing techniques does not cause substantial harm to most fish species; it only temporarily immobilizes them. 

Will we be able to see all the fish?

Depending on time of year and water chemistry many but not all of the fish will be sampled.

Can we remove trash fish while electrofishing?

Yes, using electrofishing to remove undesirable species is an effective method of removal.

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