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Monitoring water quality is among the most important aspects of lake management. If the water quality is not right the productivity of the fishery will be limited and in extreme cases can lead to fish kills. Changes in water quality can happen slowly over time or abruptly. Water samples should be taken quarterly or after a significant environmental or anthropogenic perturbations in order to monitor the parameters being measured. 

Just because the water in your lake or pond looks okay, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Water that looks fine can have significant water quality issues. With professional water quality analysis, you can put the experience of our biologists and technicians to work for you. We serve all sorts of bodies of water in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.


After all, taking care of a lake or pond starts with maintaining clean, healthy water in it. We’re fully staffed and equipped to monitor the water quality in your body of water with the most advanced water testing equipment available. Here are just a few of the tests that we can perform for you:

  • Dissolved Oxygen Testing to determine of the amount of oxygen available to aquatic organisms
  • Ammonia Testing to measure the unionized ammonia, a chemical extremely toxic to fish
  • pH Testing to measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the water
  • Hardness Testing to assess the concentration of calcium and magnesium carbonate in the water
  • Alkalinity Testing to measure the capacity of your water to neutralize acids
  • Phosphorus Testing to determine vital information about the nutrient level in your freshwater
  • Temperature Testing to accurately determine water temperature since it controls the rate of all reactions in the pond
  • Visibility Testing to see the amount of suspended particles in the water.

We can perform other tests for you as needed to determine exactly what’s right and what’s wrong with your pond or lake so the proper corrective actions can be taken quickly — before any problems get worse, leading to potentially catastrophic results.


Results from these tests can give our experts the information needed to make your pond experience more rewarding. A staggering array of parameters must be kept in balance or it can have an adverse effect on the health of your fish and dramatically reduce the productivity of your lake.


Ready to determine where you stand and what can be done? Contact us today to set up your water quality analysis appointment. Experts from Lochow Ranch in Bryan, Texas, and Tyler, Texas, will come to your property, perform the necessary assessments and talk to your honestly about your options for corrective action.


With more than 50 years combined experience and a commitment to both traditional and modern pond management practices, we can help you get started on the path to a better pond or lake.

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Is my water safe for fish to be stocked?

Standard water quality analysis will determine if the water is suitable for fish to be stocked. 

Why is my water cloudy?

Short-term cloudiness is common and should be monitored, if it persists water quality analysis and clearing samples should be taken.

Why are there dead fish?

Fish kills are caused by both biotic and abiotic factors. Low dissolved oxygen levels due to turnovers are among the most common causes of unexpected fish kills.

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