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Using aquatic herbicides and algaecides to control vegetation can provide multiple benefits to lake owners. Certain plants have the propensity to monopolize the shoreline of lakes. It becomes difficult to fish from the shoreline or swim without being inconvenienced by vegetation. Having some vegetation is beneficial for fish and other aquatic organisms however too much vegetation can negatively impact aquatic organisms through a process called cultural eutrophication. Vegetation control should be done starting early in the growing season, follow up treatments should be done throughout the growing season.  

There’s more than one way to handle vegetation management and vegetation control in your pond, and we offer a complete range of traditional options and natural biological alternatives based on your needs, desires and our years of expertise in dealing with similar bodies of water around Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. At Lochow Ranch, we’re a complete lake management and pond management solution.


Ponds and lake are small ecosystems that are cut off from many of the elements that maintain balance in natural waters. For that reason, your job as a ranch owner or property manager is to take care of your body of water, and we can help. We will analyze your unique situation, and develop a plan for complete lake or pond management that includes vegetation management and vegetation control.

We provide you an array of choices that includes products, equipment, herbicides, lake dyes and algaecides that can help rid your property of nuisance aquatic plants. If your pond or lake is experiencing issues with floating, submerged or emergent weeds, sensible solutions are available.


All of our employees are trained, tested, and licensed professionals who are skilled and experienced at handling the chemicals and products that we use for aquatic plant control. In addition, the herbicides and algaecides we use are approved and labeled for aquatic use by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture.


If you prefer a chemical-free approach, we’re licensed for the sale of exotics such as triploid grass carp and tilapia, which are among the most popular biological alternatives to chemicals and mechanical weed removal. In addition, we offer nutrient precipitation, fertilization regimes, and aeration systems to promote plankton blooms that improve the health of your pond and can shade out many aquatic weeds.


Whether you want a lake completely free of weeds, or perhaps a 25 percent vegetation coverage to promote fish growth, our comprehensive vegetation control programs offer affordable and effective solutions to vegetation control and management issues that threaten the health of your pond, its fish and the desirable plant life in it.


To learn how we can help you turn your neglected or problem pond or lake into an attractive, trouble-free body of water that truly meets your needs, contact Lochow Ranch in Tyler, Texas, and Bryan, Texas, now. It all starts with a comprehensive analysis and report, then we’ll offer you recommendations that we can put into practice right away.

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Can Grass Carp or Tilapia take care of my weeds?

Grass Carp and or Tilapia can help control aquatic vegetation depending on what type of vegetation is present.

Do I have Hydrilla?

Hydrilla is easily identified by the leaf whorl pattern (usually five leaves per whorl) and the toothed edges on the margins of the leaves.

Is there a long term solution of my weed problem?

There are more long-term solutions to vegetation issues in the form of full lake chemical treatments; these types of treatments are effective on submerged but not emergent vegetation or algae. Unfortunately, like cutting grass treating aquatic vegetation must be done periodically throughout the growing season.

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