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Fish Pond Construction and Aesthetic Enhancement


Many residential and commercial lakes are less about fishing and more about enhancement of the landscape. At Lochow Ranch, we work with property owners, property managers, homeowners’ associations and others, to maintain and improve lakes designed to add beauty and add value to properties of all types in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Visual Improvement of Ponds
For ponds that have been neglected or simply need enhancement, we provide a variety of services aimed at visual improvement of ponds. From trash removal and water coloring, to planting trees and aquatic flowering plants, wetland construction and restoring eroding shorelines, we offer a service that’s right for you and your body of water. Options are available to suit just about any budget.

Fountains add beauty to your pond while adding the necessary oxygen to keep your fish alive -- if they’re handled correctly. We offer an array of fountains in many sizes, styles and colors to meet your needs. And we can replace old, malfunctioning or underperforming fountains with similar new models that will look better than ever.

Every pond or lake needs plants to enhance the ecosystem while adding a natural realism and increasing beauty. Plants can also stabilize the soil, filter runoff, absorb nutrients, and provide both food and cover for fish and wildlife. We offer native and tropical water lilies, pickerelweed, arrowhead, cypress, rushes, iris, cattail and papyrus, as well as many other aquatic and shoreline plants. We can design and implement an aquascape to meet your needs, no matter what they are. When you turn to us, the addition of these new plants is continuously managed to keep them from interfering with your lake’s beauty or recreational use.

Intrigued? Wonder just how Lochow Ranch in Bryan, Texas, and Tyler, Texas, can help improve the look of your housing developments, rural property or city park by providing aesthetic enhancements to existing bodies of water? All you have to do is contact us for more information on what we can do for you.

We employ a staff of biologists, technicians, project managers and salespeople who can help your lake or pond serve its purpose once again, or like never before. To access this system and see for yourself what a large variety of options are available to you, simply contact us now.

With Lochow Ranch on your side, you’ll soon have the most aesthetically pleasing body of water in your area. And that can be a source of pride for you and others for generations.

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