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Air 7 by Vertex


• Tested pumping capacity up to 27,100 GPM
• Vertex 1 ½ Hp (1.12 kW) HighFlow™ compressor has highest rated flow in its class
• FlowControl™ equalizes airflow to all disks
• Vertex SafeStart™ protects compressor during pressurized restarts
• Increases oxygen levels throughout entire water column
• Prevents low oxygen fish kills & expands oxygenated fisheries habitat
• Reduces nutrients while oxidizing & reducing bottom muck
• Reduces nuisance algae and eliminates toxic gasses and foul odors
• Reduces aquatic midge and mosquito insect hatches
• Safe entry-no electricity in the water

The Vertex Air 7 XL2 pond aerator is a super-efficient, affordable system designed to maximize aeration in 6-9 acre ponds depending on shape, slope, oxygen demand, and other factors. 1 ½ Hp (1.12 kW) super-duty Brookwood™ twin cylinder HighFlow™ series compressors, housed in our rustproof aluminum outdoor cabinet, feed seven bottom mounted CoActive AirStations™ utilizing Vertex’s MicronBubble™ technology. The rising force of millions of bubbles circulates the entire water column, entraining bottom water up to the surface allowing vital oxygen to be absorbed and poisonous gasses expelled.

With no electricity in the water, Vertex’s aeration systems are safe for most any type of water recreation. Our compressor systems have a full 2-year warranty plus a limited lifetime cabinet warranty against rust. Our AirStations™ carry a 5-year warranty and BottomLine™ supply tubing has a 15-year limited warranty.

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