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Lake design starts on paper – or rather on a computer – and not with a bulldozer. If you want a property teeming with life, its centerpiece must be water. Water is the source of life for wildlife and livestock and can be home to a thriving ecosystem of fish and plant life. At Lochow Ranch, we're your one-stop source for lake and pond design, construction and renovation, and we proudly serve property owners in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.


How does the lake design process work? It all starts with you. Our team works to understand your needs and desires. Do you want a fishing lake? Would you like a place for your children and grandchildren to swim? Maybe you need a stock tank – or perhaps your property needs one lake that can serve many needs. Whatever you want, we can make it happen.


Once we establish a clear understanding of your property and define the purpose of the lake, we take things like rainfall amounts and how the watershed works on your property into consideration as we determine a size and shape of lake that's right for you.


In times past, ranchers often started with an earth mover and kept rearranging dirt until a decent lake shape and size emerged. Today, we know that you get the best results when location, depth and slope are determined in advance and drains are installed to keep the water in your lake or pond. A lake with few inlets and no outlets is dead, and that's never what you want.


Once the design process is complete, the construction begins. At Lochow Ranch, we have more than 50 years combined experience meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of landowners with services that enhance your property and make it better able to serve you and support the animals, fish and vegetation you allow to live on it.

Let the certified professionals at Lochow Ranch provide you with a detailed on-site assessment of your pond’s condition.


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